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Personal Tax Preparation Checklist

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A tax preparation checklist might look a little intimidating and overwhelming, but don’t worry! A tax preparation checklist is designed to help you get started in simplifying the tax filing process. Most folks won’t have all of the information listed in the tax preparation checklist, just refer to what fits your tax filing situation. We’ve just put it all together here to make sure it fits everyone, and insures you don’t forget anything.

For instance, if you had jury duty during the tax year, you’ll need to have a record of that. Or, remember that that prize or award money you may have won, well it may count toward your total income. The more items we point out to you on a tax preparation checklist, the better job we can do on your tax return.

Checklist for Personal Tax Preparation

Your Personal Information

Your Income Tax Information

For home business: Estimate federal tax for square footage of home office area and the portion of utilities used in that area. Other costs include rent paid if rented, Form 1098 for Mortgage interest, property tax payments, Home owners insurance payments, invoices for repairs and maintenance on your house.

Your Itemized Tax Deductions

TurboTax Personal Tax Software ProgramsWhether you're completing your taxes in an office or using downloadable software or online tax preparation solutions, we're here to help take the hassle out of figuring out what you need to do a proper job, and insure you keep your tax bill to a minimum. After all, Shouldn't you be keeping as much of your hard earned income as you can instead of giving more than your fair share to Uncle Sam

So check use our tax preparation checklist to help you fill in any forms that apply to you this tax season, and organize better for future year tax filing tasks.