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How To Contact TurboTax Support By Phone, Chat, Email

TurboTax offers several support options when you use their products to prepare your taxes. They provide the help and guidance every step of the way so that you never have to go at it alone. They offer a variety of tax support and help options—by phone, live chat, or e-mail—so that you can choose which one best fits your needs.

TurboTax Help & Support Options

Call Turbo Tax (Intuit) at this number for the best service

This Turbo Tax (Intuit) phone number was voted the best way to contact TurboTax out of 8 different phone numbers that were evaluated for service.

This phone number ranked the best for correct area customer service and shortest amount of time on hold waiting for support.

TurboTax Phone Number 1-888-777-3066

This has been the #1 phone number and #1 way to reach TurboTax customer service according to Turbo Tax customer ratings.

TurboTax does not have just one single number for phone support, they have dozens for different purposes.

When you contact TurboTax online, you will be asked for some basic information that will help route you to the correct expert who will be best-equipped to answer your question or handle your specific issue in the least amount of time.

Using The TurboTax Contact Us Page

You can get in contact with TurboTax by using the following link address: https:// support.turbotax.intuit.com/contact.

This will take you to the contact page where you can follow the proper procedure to be directed accurately for you support needs.

  1. On the Contact Us page you can enter your question or issue into a field text box that says "Ask Your Question".
  2. Once you have typed in you question you can click the Ask button to proceed in the support process.
  3. Several support article will be shown with links in a display that may show the answer to your question, or provide more information for your issue.
  4. If you feel the issue will be best resolved by phone, you can click the "Call Us" button towards the bottom of the page.
  5. You will then be presented with a form to fill out. Fill out the following: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone number.
  6. This form is then used to provide the TurboTax support technician who answers your call with a description of your issue or question along with your contact information.
  7. You can also add additional details to your question in the field at the bottom. This is optional.
  8. Click the button which says Get Phone Number. A number is then displayed for you to call for your support issue.
  9. Make note of the incident ID that was created for you. The phone system will ask you to enter this ID, or the technician may ask for it to pull up the information needed to assist you.

How To Contact TurboTax By Live Chat

Turbo Tax (Intuit) Chat Support

The chat option is a highly rated tax support option as well, but not rated as high as phone support.

To access the chat option visit https:// support.turbotax.intuit.com/contact/ by navigating to the TurboTax Online page by clicking the support button here >>>

You will then select "Help" from the menu at the top of the page.

You will then be prompted to enter the platform you are using, ie. online, mobile, CD or download for Mac or Windows PC.

You will then ender the TurboTax software edition you are using - Basic, Deluxe, Premier, Home and Business, Business.

Next enter the topic or question that you need information for and click the "Submit" button. You will be presented with the top answers for your question to review.

Should you still need more help there are two choices lower on the page. These options include:

  1. An option that allows you to access a TurboTax Customer Support Agent by live chat or by phone.

  2. Access to a TurboTax Credentialed Tax Expert for a fee of $19.99 to connect with their most experienced tax advisors.

An additional support venue offered is the TurboTax Community —where you can ask your question and answers are provided online, 24/7, all year long. The TurboTax AnswerXchange™ gives you personalized, unbiased answers from experts and other TurboTax community contributors.